To Be Empathic or To Not Be Empathic

Many of us, when we are born, are given gifts. No matter what religion you come from, your higher power has given you some sort of gift that allows you to bring joy and happiness to others. Some are given an artistic gift, some have different abilities with their minds, others may find they have a knack for music, or even dance. What ever these abilities are, I believe that we are given these for a reason, and what ever that reason is, well that is on the person to find out. 

My gift is that of being an Empath. Well what is an Empath you may ask yourself. Thats easy to answer but harder to define as there are various degrees, ranges, and branches of this gift. Well to answer the first question, what is an Empath? An empath is someone who is attuned to people. Some call themselves sensatives, others just see it as a knack. 

I have emotional empathic abilities. I know this, I get these overwhelming feelings when around certain people. I can tell if someone is just a bad person, or I can tell if Im going to get along with people, just by looking at them. I get certain “Feelings.”

Now I ahve known for a long while that I was empathic. I would have bouts of being “overly emotional.” I would start to cry for no reason, I would suddenly get giddy for no reason, and I would become mean, to my friends, for no reason. I would blame it on not getting enough sleep, or lack of food, or just having a headache. 

So how did I figure out that I was empathic. I actually didn’t know at first that I was empathic. I just thought I was a little nuts, later I thought I had bipolar because of the mood swings. In fifth grade we were given an assignment to write for an essay. Simple enough, so I thought about it and I figured how cool it would be if there were actual witches in the world. So I started doing my research on the Salem Witch Trials. 

Looking into the trials, lead me to my nieghbors, who actually practiced witchcraft. They lent me a Book by Raymond Bucklund. I think the name of it was, or is, I should say, is The Big Book of Witchcraft, or something like that. Anyway, I started looking through the book and started studying the different techniques, and branches and I found that I actually was in tune to certain things. 

Because I was born in the middle of July, I found that my astrological sign is Cancer. Well I kinda knew that already cause my mother believes in Astrology. So that is where I started. I found that if you are a Cancer, you are a Water sign. I am ruled by the moon, and I have the ability of being very intune, or psychic. So thats where I started to look into certain psychic abilities. 

Of course, I cant levitate things with my mind, that would just be awesome. I cant start fires with my mind, again would have been helpful. I can’t read peoples minds, though I wish I could. I can’t touch objects and get a reading from the past. I can’t sit and put myself into a trance and be able to communicate with the other side via a piece of paper and pen. No, nothing seemed to work. 

So I looked into Divination, specifically, the Tarot Cards, and guess what. Seems I have a knack for being able to scry via certain types of cards. I can’t just pick up any deck and be like oh yeah blah blah blah, no I have to be attuned with the cards and those are usually some sort of fairy cards. 

As I started studying, I came across something about empathy. Now here I thought everyone could be empathetic to a plite, but it seems there is an actual gift, known as Empathic. I was curious about it and started looking into it and well that is where my primary gift is. 

I have always been able to read peoples emotions, even when I didn’t know it. I was able to tell by the way they held themselves, or the tone in their voice, or even just how they “felt” with out them saying anything. So i started to delve more and more into the whole Empathic thing. 

I accept that I am empathic and yes it has effects on my personal relationships, and there are times where I just need “ME” time where I need to decompress. Its not because someone has done something to me, but its just because I need the emotional draining. To let off “Steam.” Usually this is done by either me playing a video game, or I put my ipod on and listen to music. 

Some of my friends don’t like the fact that I am empathic because I can feel their feelings and I know that’s a personal thing. But some of my friends adore it because I just know how they are feeling when they can’t express it.

I know for most people, being an empath is different. You can either tell by just looking at someone or you can tell because you actually feel it. Its just a part of me that makes me who I am. 

So here it is, to all my empathic friends out there in the universe, I know how you feel. 

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